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Welcome to LaRa chemicals and consulting Company

About Us

Lara Chemicals and consulting company is an initiative led by an IIT Bombay alumnus. The company manufactures a wide range of commodity and fine chemicals, Also supplies several petrochemicals and pharma intermediates (on demand).

The company also has an independent wing which provide technical consulting services in pharmaceutical/chemical industries and in Universities.


  • Meet the utmost requirement of chemicals with competitive prices, on-time deliveries and proactive customer service
  • Deliver the best technical solutions for efficiency enhancement, increased productivity, automation and conserving energy in chemical industries
  • Provide with various customized chemicals/reagents and other products that aid the way for growth opportunities in industries and Universities


In achieving our mission we value,

  • The trust of our clients that is built on us
  • The quality of products and service we offer
  • Our commitment towards our clients
  • Accountability in all that we do.


“Make the world more productive and efficient by providing their needs and technical solutions”

From the Founder’s desk

"LaRa chemicals and consulting company was a vision since from my undergraduate programme during college years. I would introduce LaRa as a firm which provides chemical and technical consulting service in pharma/chemical industries. We have technical expert from India’s top universities and industries who will aid in growing efficiency of chemical processes in your industry. I assure the quality/quantity of products and services provided by LaRa to the best. We want to grow and expand in a more efficient world and LaRa is fully abide in contributing to it."

We will be delighted to be a part of your network and offer you the best products and services we have. Thank you for choosing us.